Thanks For Your Eyes!

Seasons greetings and a warm apology, from Anthrovision!

Thank you, reader, for subscribing to Anthrovision! and reading our stories this year. Starting a “newsletter” that is as bleak and upsetting as ours can be, in a year like 2020, was a real gamble. So cheers to you, for leveling the odds! (Or at least, thanks for biting your knuckle as you suffered through our writing for no more reason than your own goodness.)

Also, we apologize for the sudden lack of content coming from us, here at Anthrovision! We were really on a roll there for a minute, content-wise, but due to the pandemic and a predatory landlord (i.e. a normal landlord in brooklyn), our publishing offices had to be uprooted from our headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Since then, we’ve been traveling from coast-to-coast in a mobile caravan. Stopping in odd places for days or weeks at a time— which, in any other year might be an adventure, but this year… yikes.

Our other excuse for not blogging here is that we’ve had to mine some capital. Anthrovision! has to eat too, you know. So we took some time to write stories for money. To prove that we’ve not been slacking-off in content production (we wouldn’t dare) here you can find some of our favorite writing that we’ve been doing outside of Anthrovision! Enjoy:

Hopefully, there is enough here to keep you happy until we can come up with some more stories for you. We are resolving to do more blogging this year, but honestly, with the way things are going, we’re trying to set the bar as low as possible. So this new year, you can expect at least one new story from Anthrovision! Thank you again for all your clicks and support!

Happy New Year!